Child Safe Ratings


This website has been created to be a safe environment for all viewers regardless of


their age and race. Careful consideration was also given to any site that appears on


our link pages. This also applies for any Award Program that this site applies for.


Listed below are "Child Safe" rating organizations that you may be familiar with. We


follow their criteria to obtain their rating level.


CYBERsitter provides over 30 categories of filtering


making it the most complete Internet filter available.

Filters are updated automatically, and there are no


subscription charges. A sophisticated "content


recognition" system recognizes and blocks new


objectionable web sites even before we know about




CYBERsitter allows parents to override blocked sites,


add their own sites to block, specify allowable times to


access the Internet, and maintains a detailed log of all


Internet activity and violations. It will even send a daily


report to parents by e-mail.


Family-Friendly Sites emblems are intended to support


the online safety of family members using the Internet.


They appropriately offer websites a designation that will


be easily recognized by family members and other


Internet users.

        ICLASS AA LOGO  

iClass Sites! primary purpose . . . is to classify and list


sites based on respective "legal" content (excluding

content that is consider for adults 18 and over) so


visitors can determine how to proceed based on


interest and age level, including taking under age


access restriction measures via their browser or third


party software. (No longer active.)

        ICRA LOGO  

The Internet Content Rating Association is an


international, independent organization that empowers


the public, especially parents, to make informed


decisions about electronic media by means of the open


and objective labeling of content. ICRA's dual aims are


to protect children from potentially harmful material;


and, to protect free speech on the internet.


The SafeSurf Rating Standard is a voluntary rating


system designed to protect children, as well as the first

amendment rights of their parents. It was developed


with input from thousands of parents and Net citizens,




It's structure is different from other rating systems in


several ways. First, it is more detailed. Second, its


goal is to objectively describe both content and how


that content is presented. Third, it is the first system


designed to allow those who self-rate and those who


evaluate to have enough flexibility to reach an accord


on a rating without compromising SafeSurf's purpose of


protecting the innocence of children.


This is to certify that all web sites showing the Trust


Worthy Website’ seal which are linked to this page are


Family Friendly


Child Safe Surf


Highly Ethical


Spam Free


Legal Web Sites


Rest assured that these web sites are amongst the


"Best of the Best" web sites on the internet.


All merit goes to their respective Webmasters and


Webmistresses for their professional work!